About Us
PT. Nesitor established since 1985 as wholly own and operated by local Indonesian.

As a National company PT. Nesitor existence is intended to serve the Oil and Gas Industry.

After years of hard work and persistency, we become a competitors to existing Oil and Gas services with foreign affiliation in Indonesia

Personal Skill ;

  - Indonesian Engineer and expertise’s with International Experience.

  - Senior expertise’s have working experienced from overseas in such as ;

* Oman  * Libya  * Sudan

* Arabic   * Nigeria  * Etc


Vision :

 We take quality and excellence service to comply

 customer expectations, apply total quality management

 principle to maintain continue improvement culture and

 increase profitable growth.


Mission :

• Provide health, safety and environment of management

  system to ensure it met customer expectation.

• Develop positive culture in the workplace.
• Utilize International Standard to be Professional oil and
  gas Services Company.

It is the policy of the company to:

• Give the greatest importance to all aspect of Health,Safety and welfare at work of its employees, customers, sub contractor and the public.

• Occupational illness and accidents will not occur from operation control.


Basic services offered by PT. Nesitor are follow :

•Slickline Services
•Heavy Duty Fishing
•Production Well Testing
•BHP/ BHT Survey ;

  - Surface Pressure Read Output ( SPRO )

  - Memory Production Logging Tool ( MPLT )

  - Electronic Memory Record ( EMR )

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